About us

  Please,let us introduce ourselfs shortly. We are Lieuwe and Jennifer and we live in Winschoten, the Netherlands. We have three male tollers, Kay-lo, McKai and Huey.

Kay-lo is our first toller and he is born on 16 July 2008 at kennel Suncatcher's. Kay-lo is a work-a-holic and his passion is retrieving ducks, hares, pigeons, crows etc during a practical hunt. Lieuwe works with Kay-lo and they achieved some very nice results together.

McKai is our second toller and he is born on 27 February 2011 also at kennel Suncatcher's. Jennifer works with McKai and he really is an all-round toller.
He loves the attention and everything from hunting, agility, detection to participating in the show ring.
  Whatever activity you do with McKai he is always there for you for 100%.

Huey is our third and youngest toller. He is born on 22 October 2015 at kennel Alba Nuadh. Huey is a very happy boy that loves to work. Of all our dogs Huey really puts a smile on our face. He really is a goofy dog.
  Our dogs are best friends and play every single day with each other. We are very grateful for the dogs we have because they fit perfect to us and to each other. They give us so much joy.

We have met some amazing people with the same passion for dogs due to our dogs. We even have the pleasure of calling some of the people we met our friends.

We also learned so many things about different dog sports, for example the world of gundogs and of course breeding.

Two boys are also available as a stud dog because we believe that our dogs can have a positive influence on our breed.

Our goal is to breed better tollers who
are healthy, have great characters and are well structured according to the breed standard. We would like to give people the same four legged red friend as we have.

All dogs have their own page. You can find all the information about them, on their page.


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