Alba Nuadh Gwenny's Working Secret "Huey" 

Huey is born early on Thursday morning on October 22nd,  2015 in Zijtaart at Kennel Alba Nuadh. He has 3 brothers and 6 sisters.

He is living with us since the age of 7,5 weeks. His weight at the age of 7,5 weeks was 4,3 kg.

Huey is a very happy and goofy boy and he really enjoys life. He puts a smile on everyone's face when he enters a room.
As a young dog Huey completed the first three basic obedience courses with very nice scores. He learns very fast and he really likes to work with his nose.  Because he likes working with his nose, we started a detection course. When he has to search he shows lots of passion and drive. It doesn't matter if he is searching for a dummy, cold game or the odor we have imprinted on him. He already obtained detection (SIFD) level 1,2 and 3 and we will continue training detection work in the future.
Besides detection Huey mainly works as a gundog. He loves to work in the field during a practical hunt. He retrieves ducks, pigeons, crows, hares and pheasants without a problem.

Huey is very calm, relaxed and focused during a hunt which makes him a very reliable and nice dog to work with in the field.

During a training he also works very well.
Huey is a very smart dog. He only works if he gets something in return. Luckily for us, we found out which things he really likes. Therefore, we can motivate him if needed.

He particpated in several competitions and obtained some very nice working certificates (dummies + cold game).

Every now and then, we  enter Huey at a show in the Netherlands or in an other European country. He already achieved some very nice results in the show ring, e.g. Best in Show at a Retriever show in Bremen and 3rd Best in Group at an International Show in Dortmund.

Below you can see all the certificates and titles he has earned so far:

Obedience certificates:

Basis Obedience I & II

Social Obedience FHN

Work certificates:

SIFD level 1 Certificate (detection/nosework)

SIFD level 2 Certificate (detection/nosework)

SIFD level 3 Certificate (detection/nosework)


Retrieving certificate A (dummies)


SJP certificate B (cold game)


Titels Show:

Danish Winner 2017

Bundessieger 2017

Dutch Junior Champion

Bundesjugendsieger 2016

Junior Winner 2016

BIS Bremen 2017 (DRC)
BIG3 Dortmund 2017

Because of his great character, good work and good health results we decided to use make him available for breeding. All the necessary tests are completed and the results can be find below health results.

Below pictures of his parents:
Ch. Redmound's Keep A Great Secret
 Ch. Alba Nuadh Soave di Stevie