27 May 2018 Huey was placed 1st in Open class at today's Gundog show in Papendal. He also became Best  
    Male, CAC and Best of Breed!
  26 May 2018 Huey was placed 1st in Open class at today's Championship Club Show in Bergen op Zoom. He  
    also became Best Male, CAC, Best of Breed and Club Winner 2018!

He now also has enough points for his Dutch Championship title!
  22 May 2018 Huey had a date with Scotia on April 12,13 and 14. The ultrasound confirmed our thoughts of  
    her being pregnant . the puppies will be born mid June at Kennel  l'Abbaye des Terres de Flandre in France.  
  28 Febr. '18 Huey's test results for Chondrodystrophy (CDDY) came back as N/N (Normal)  
  1 February  '18 Today we went to the eye specialist for the annual eye examination (ECVO). Both McKai and  
    Huey were given  a clear on all ophthalmic diseases.
Kay-lo had his eyes checked as well and his cataract hasn't gotten worse since his last examination in 2014. So we are very happy with all the results.

Huey has now completed all the necessary health results in order to be available as a stud dog.
  25&26 Nov '17 McKai participated in a Detection Masterclass by Wesley Visser of Scent Imprent for Dogs.  
    McKai worked very well and had some very nice searches both days.
Our teamwork and McKai's good work led to a new certificate: SIFD level 5!
We are very proud of our red friend!
  4 & 5 Nov.'17 International Dog Show Herning, Denmark.  
  Huey was entered on both days  in Open class and he did great.  
  Saturday and Sunday 1st place Excellent with CK, Best Male, Best of Breed, CAC and CACIB.
On Sunday he also won the title Danish Winner 2017!

Click here to see a video of him on Sunday (judge chose BOB/BOS)
  3 November We visited the puppies of McKai and Aya in Denmark. They are 6 weeks old and do very well!!  
  I added  new pictures onto their page.  
18 October '17 Puppies of McKai and Aya are now 4 weeks old. Added new pictures to their page.  
  14 & 15 Oct '17 We had an amazing weekend in Dortmund at the International Dog show. Huey was entered  
    both days:

On Saturday:
1ste place Excellent, Beste Male, Best of Breed, Bundessieger 2017, CAC and CACIB.
In the main ring Huey was placed 3rd in Group 8!!!! (BIG3).

On Sunday:
1ste place Excellent, Reserve CACIB
Huey BOB Huey BIG 3
Huey on the move in the main ring Huey BIG 3
  7 & 8 Oct. 2017 At the International Dogs Show in Zwolle, Huey got both days 1st place Excellent, RCACIB  
  20 Sept. 2017 McKai and Aya became proud parents of 9 healthy puppies (5 boys and 4 girls). The  
    puppies are born at kennel Red Nose Mariendals in Denmark. All puppies already have an owner.  
  9 July 2017 Great day at the German Retriever Show in Bremen-Stuhr:  
McKai got a 1st place Excellent in Working class

Huey got a 1st place Excellent in Intermediate class, Best Male, Beste of Breed AND Best in Show!!

We are so very proud of this amazing result!!

  8 July 2017 Huey had his first SJP (Hunting test with cold game) and he got his C diploma with 40/50  
  7 July 2017 Huey is tested DM Normal!!  
I made a page for all the puppies of McKai x Ziva

Aegon (offspring McKai x Evy) is now Polish Show Champion
  25 June 2017 McKai got his SIFD level 4 certificate (Nosework!)  
  7 June 2017 Kay-lo and Huey participated in the Working test in Bergschenhoek last Monday.  
    Both dogs worked well and with a lot of fun.

Kay-lo got a 7th place with 62 points

Huey got a 1st place with 88 points!!

Added new photos of the puppies of McKai x Ziva
  27 May 2017 Seef (offspring McKai x Donja) became Best of Breed with CAC and CACIB at the  
    International dogshow in Oss. We are very proud of this result.

Please see below a picture of Seef:
  25 May 2017 Added new photos of the puppies of McKai x Ziva  
  20 May 2017 Great results at the International dogshow at Dortmund:  
    Huey 1st place Excellent in Intermediate class, CAC and reserve CACIB

McKai 1st place Excellent in Working Class, CAC, CACIB, Best Male, Best of Breed and he got the title VDH- Frühjahrssieger 2017!!
  19 May 2017 Very nice results at the Europasieger show in Dortmund:  
    Huey 1st place excellent in Intermediate class, CAC

McKai 1st place Excellent in working class, CAC and reserve CACIB
  15 May 2017 We had a great weekend in Denmark with such great company!  
    Our boys achieved some very nice results!

Please find below a summary of the results:

Schweiss prøve 400m/3t - judge Mr. Lars Steffensen
Kay-lo  participated in his first blood track. Lieuwe and Kay-lo worked very well. Kay-lo finished the track and lost the track just once. They achieved a 2nd prize! We are so very proud of this!

Tolling Jagtprøve, beginners class - judge Mr. Christian Brix Søndergård.
McKai  worked very well and with lots of fun. He turned every duck on his back before picking up. The judged preferred to see him picking up the ducks immediately and therefore he got a 2nd prize with a very nice judge report. 

Toller Club show - judge Ms. Pluis Davern (USA)
McKai got a 1st place Excellent, CK in Working class and he became Beste Male, CAC. (If the Danish Kennel Club approves), McKai can also put the title Danish Show Champion in front of his name!

Kvalifikationsprøve - judge Mr. Christian Brix Søndergård. Huey worked very well and his search was one of the best of that day. His Tolling needs to be improved and therefore, he did not pass the test.

Toller Club show - judge Ms. Pluis Davern (USA)
Huey got a 1st place Excellent, CK in Intermediate class and he became 3rd best Male with reserve CAC.

We would like to thank everyone including the Danish Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club for such an amazing weekend!
    Update puppy page McKai x Ziva  
  2 May 2017 The puppies of McKai x Ziva are born today! 4 girls and 1 boy. Ziva and her puppies are   
    doing great! Look forward seeing them grow up!

All puppies already have an owner!
    We also received great results of OFA. Huey is tested:  
    JADD Proabable Normal / Clear
CP1 N/N Normal
CLPS N/N Normal
CP1 N/N Normal
  20 April 2017 Good news from the Czech Republic.  
    Ameiran (offspring McKai x Evey) became 2nd Best Female Sport Dog of the year 2016!!
  13 April 2017 Huey tested PRA Normal/Clear!  
  9 April 2017 Seef (offspring McKai x Donja) got a 1st place Excellent, CACL at a Dogshow in Luxembourg!  
  Seef (son of McKai x Donja)                         
  8 April 2017 Bodie (offspring McKai x Donja) had her first OWT (hunting test). She did great. She got  
    88 out of 100 points and a 6th place. They also got the honor price for "Most promissing combination"!  
    Bodie (McKai x Donja)  
  30 March 2017 Update page matings: McKai x Ziva  
  11 March 2017

    First time at Crufts, Birmingham (UK):  
    What a great day for us and our two boys

Huey 4th place in junior class

McKai 1st place in special working class!!!

We are soooo very proud of our two boys!! We had an amazing time with friends!!
  5 March 2017 Martinidog show Groningen:  
    Intermediate class: Huey first place excellent

Update page matings McKai
  10 December '16 Great results at the Amsterdam Winner show:  
    Huey 1st place Excellent, JCAC, BOB Junior and he also became Reserve Best Male, RCAC.

Huey got a new title: Junior Winner 2016
  7 December '16 McKai and Huey both achieved their SIFD level 2 certificate (Scent Imprent for Dogs)  
  18 November '16 Huey: HD A and ED 0/0 (Clear)!!!  
  16 Oct. 2016 Great Results in Dortmund!  
  Huey got a 1st place Excellent in junior class with JCAC. He also got the title Bundesjugendsieger 2016! He is now qualified for the Crufts  
  2 Oct. 2016 We had a great weekend at the International dog show in Zwolle.  
    Alba Nuadh Gwenny's Working Secret "Huey", 11 months old

On Saturday: 1st place Excellent, JCAC, Reserve Best Male, RCAC

On Sunday: 1st place Excellent, JCAC.

Huey is now a *Dutch Junior Champion*!!! Very proud of our young friend.
  13 August 2016 Great day at the International Dogshow in Askersund, Sweden:  
  Alba Nuadh Gwenny's Working Secret "Huey" 1st place Excellent youth class.

Ch. Suncatcher's Hop into my Heart "McKai" 1st place Excellent, CK, CAC, CACIB and Best Male (BOS). As from today, McKai is also a Swedish Champion!!

Very proud of the results!!!
McKai BOS -  Ziva BOB        Huey 9 months old              
  9 August 2015 Wat a great day we had, yesterday!! We are totally over the moon!  
We had a KNJV Hunting test in Delfzijl. Both Kay-lo and McKai were entered.

Kay-lo got his first KNJV A certificate!!! We are soooo proud! Lieuwe and Kay-lo worked so hard for this.

There are not a lot of tollers with a KNJV Hunting A certificate, so that makes this result even more special!

Kay-lo got 83/100 points and a 3rd place.
18 dogs tried to get the same certificate, only three passed.

McKai got a KNJV B diploma

We are soooooo proud !!!

Picture on the left: Kay-lo with his certificate