Since april 2010, Lieuwe is following hunting lessons by KNJV Veendam. Here we will train with dummies and also with wildlife like a rabbit, duck or a pigeon.
After one month, the trainer brought a wood pigeon for the lesson. After trowing the pigeon in the air, Kay-lo ran directly to the pigeon. After a sniff he took the pigeon and brought it back to Lieuwe. We were very proud of him. It seems all so easy for him. After a few weeks the trainer introduced a duck. This was something else, and Kay-lo found it hard to pick up. We trained very hard and eventuelly he took the duck back to Lieuwe. The rabbit was very difficult for Kay-lo. It felt strange and he wouldn't pick him up. At the first KNJV test he faild because he brought back the rabbit too late.
We really wanted to take the KNJV test a month later. So we trained very hard with him, in order to pick up the duck and the rabbit well.
Kay-lo is a dog who will bring back everything thats in the water. So we took the duck and the rabbit and trow them in the water. Kay-lo started immediatly to pick up the duck and rabbit out of the water. No problem. Slowly we brought back the duck and rabbit on land. He did a great job picking up the wildlife.
At the KNJV test in Lauwersmeer, he showed some very good work. He brought al the wildlife back to Lieuwe, so he got he's first B-diploma KNJV.

In 2011, Kay-lo achieved 2 other KNJV B diploma's. He also got a title: "Best B-dog KNJV Oost Groningen"! All the test exams are going very well. We will focus much more on the MAP tests from now on.

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