Jennifer and McKai are taking Agility lessons since October 2013.
The reason we start taking Agility lessons was because it was difficult to have some hunting training during the winter ( In the evening it was to dark outside to train). We wanted to do something with McKai and our friends showed us that Agility is also very fun to do.

We took some lessons and very soon we also got the Agility virus! McKai likes Agility a lot and he is very eager to learn and he works very well with Jennifer.
After a few prived lessons we could start taking lessons in the competition group.
Our goal for 2014  is that we could participate at the Tollerspecialty in Sweden. We hope that we are able to make a very nice round with a lot of fun.

To get some experience with competitions we will also enter some competitions in the Netherlands. McKai had his first Agility competition in March 2014. He did a very good job. We all had a lot of fun and we also got nice results.

Because McKai likes Agility as well, we decided to keep on training Agility as well and we will enter at some competions as well

Agility Results
Organisation Date        Location Class Gambling Jumping Vast Parcours
FHN 03-03-2014 Dalen DGR 11th place Disk. 8th place
FHN 09-06-2014 Linde DGR 10th place 4th place Disk
FHN 29-06-2014 Nieuwolda DGR      
Specialty 01-08-2014 Sweden A Large

First Agility Competition 30 March 2014 at Dalen (FHN)

                           Webalbum with Agility pictures of McKai