We started a work out hunting with McKai from the moment he lives with us. He loves his dummy and knows the command "Apport" very well already. He can also wait next to me untill I gave him the command to retrieve his dummie. He also get the dummy well, and he brings the dummy correct  back to me, and gave the dummy sitting to me.

McKai got enthousiastic and exited, when he saw Kay-lo retrieve wild life ( rabbit, duck etc ). So we were curious what McKai would do if we would ask him to retrieve a rabbit. We thought he should only look at it. But he totally surprised us by retrieving the rabbit correcty and he also brought it back very well. We were very proud of him.

In some other work outs we also let him retrieve a pheasant, duck and a pigeon.
He showed us he could do this and let us see he had a great time retrieving it. This all at the age of 5 months!!
At this moment we will practise more with the dummy, so he learns to bring his dummy correct back to me without dropping it on the ground etc.
He is young and loves to work and we are very proud to see him work.

In april 2012, we started the hunting course KNJV.

At July 14. 2012, he achieved his first KNJV C- diploma!