At the begin of November 2011, we started the course retrieving.
McKai is crazy for his dummy and loves retrieving it.
He learns very fast and is very eager. He has a lot of "will to please".
When he sees other dogs working, he always keeps his eye on the dummy.
At the beginning of the course he wasn't steady at all. He also wasn't quiet. Now a few months later, he is very steady and quiet.

He works very nice and is not distracted by his environment.He is very persistent and does not give up very easily.
In March 2012,he had his first retrieving examination from the FHN. He achieved at ones his A-diploma. We hadn't expect it, so we are very proud of this result. He showed us that he already knows the exercises. But we have to work on it, to make it better.
Now he has a diploma, he could participate at working trials. We know from Kay-lo that dogs learn a lot of those trials. They learn to work on there own and in different situations. They also have a lot of fun participate a working trial.

It's a great dog to work with and we are looking forward to all the challenges that 2012 will bring us!