Directing McKai 100 meters in front, than sending to the right retrieving a duck 2015  
Cold Game training August 2015 First Agility Competition at Dalen      
30 March 2014   
Agility January 2014.
After three months training
McKai his movement next to the bicycle           28 December 2013        
Tollerspecialty Sweden 4 August 2013
1 Place Excellent (HP)
BIS Workingclass
3rd Best Male in Show (150 males entered)
Tollingjagdprøve at Sorø (Denmark)
1 Prize Excellent
 McKai 23 months old, hunting training KNJV Dummy work-out 16 months old
    Int. Dog Show Arnhem, 1 Excellent
Best Male, BOS, Dutch Youth Champion
Work-out retrieving, McKai 13 months old
National Examination Social Obedience FHN Work out Retrieving nov, 2011 (8months )
Show at Zwolle McKai, Morris and Doreen
Video made by breeder Suncatcher
McKai (5,5 months ) work out with a duck
McKai his Basic Obedience exam Kay-lo and Mckai playing for the first time on the 4th day
 Puppies 4 weeks old Puppies 1 week old and 2 weeks old