Offspring with Shinga   

Litter 2 :
Breeder: Kutcha-Kutchin (CH)
Sire: Suncatcher's Wonder-Worker ( Kay-lo)
Dam: Shinga Mohin v.d. Echtinger Grift (Shinga)
Date of Mating :  28 and 29 Januar 2012
Date of Birth    :  March 28, 2012                     Male: 2                  Female: 1

Names M/F HD ED Eyes PRA CEA Show Merits
Lucky Shikay Kutcha-Kutchin "Lucky" M A/A 0/0   A/B Normal (BP)    
Luca Shikay Kutcha-Kutchin "Luca" M A/A 0/0   A/B Normal (BP) Excellent, BOB, CAC/CACIB, RCAC Agility and Flair
Lady Shikay Kutcha-Kutchin "Lady" F       A/B Normal (BP)    
Webpage with pictures of Kay-lo, Shinga and their puppies
                                  Pictures of the puppies

Pedigree of the puppies


Parents Great Parents Great Great Parents
Suncatcher’s Wonder-Worker
  • Hedera’s for Alliance
    Suncatcher’s Premium Pride
    Littleriver’s Lapland Hunter
    Hedera’s Unique Pearl
    Lauvstuas is Caac To Copper & Brass
    Oona Topanga Under the Red Sky
    Shinga Mohin v.d. Echtinger Grift
    Tollarbos Adle Henne
    Objibwa's Hiniina Perechtinger
    Nordwart Ätling
    Tollerbos Okra de Lorenzo
    Rödrävens v.d. Echtinger Grift
    Objibwa's Daanis