After Kay-lo got his social behavior diploma, we started with retrieving classes in Borgsweer. Retrieving is a passion from Kay-lo and we wanted to get as much out of him as we can. After 5 months course he had his first graduation day. He did this very well and got his A-diploma. To improve his work, we went to all working test from the FHN in the Netherlands.
Everyone can see, retrieving work is his passion, his life.
Kay-lo had a lot of fun working with dummies. During the working trials, he quickly learned to pick up strange dummies and work well in unknown territory. He does this very well. He achieved good scores and occasionally he also wins something.
Because we take hunting lessons at the moment, we are not following the retrieving lessons anymore. But we will keep taking part of the working tests from the FHN.

On the left, you could find his results