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Clubjugendsieger 2009  
Place: Date: Judge: Class: Result:  
Bergen op Zoom 31-05-2014 Mr Jeff Luscott Working 2 Very Good  
Undløse(DK) 27-04-2014 Mr. F. Lange Working 1 Very Good  
Höör, Skåne SE 04-08-2013 Mr. J. Herngren Working Excellent 23 entries
Wijchen 12-12-2011 Mevr. C. Eelman Open 4 Very Good  
Groningen 13-11-2011 Mw. G. Halff-v. Boven Open 1 Excellent BOS, Best Male
Bergen op Zoom 02-06-2011 Mevr. C. Widdowson Open 1 Excellent 15 entries
Groningen 05-03-2011 Mw. Ulltveit-Moe Open 4 Very Good  
Zwolle 21-11-2010 Mr. J. Meerssman Open 2 Excellent Reserve CACIB
Moerstraten 29-05-2010 Dr. Mick Howes Intermediate 4 Excellent
Leeuwarden 04-04-2010 Mevr. de Vries-Hoogland Intermediate 2 Very Good  
Groningen 07-03-2010 Mw. L. Hägglund Intermediate 2 Excellent  
Nidda (Dld) 29-08-2009 Dr. W. Peper Youth 1 Excellent Anw.Dt.JCH (VDH) & CAC Clubjugendsieger
Leeuwarden 13-04-2009 Mevr. v. Adrichem Boogaart-Kwint Puppy 1 Very Promissing Best Puppy of Breed
Groningen 28-02-2009 Mw. C.M. Snels Puppy 1 Very Promissing Best Puppy of Breed




Bergen op Zoom, 31 mei 2014, workingclass
Lower to the groud type but with quality in body and strond muzzle. Excellent coat cover. Good tail set. Would prefer slightly more leg alert and active.

Höör, Backagården (SE), 4 August 2013, Workingclass
Good proportions, nice head, could be a little more maskulin, nice expression, good neck, good angulation in the front, upperarm a little bit short, good angulation in teh rare, good bone to the size, good coat, good movement, strong in front. Excellent.

Wijchen, 12-12-2011, Open
3 years old male.Needs more maskular expression. Good eye, ears and teeth. Good neck. Good for breast. Good body. Slightly long in body / loin. Beautifull feet. Beautifull straight front legs. Good angulation front and rear. Behaves a little bit reserved in the ring. Movement may be stronger.

Clubmatch Groningen, 13-11-2011, Open
3 years. Breed Typical male. Good proportions. Well shaped maskuline head. excellent pigmentation eye collor + expression. Good length of neck. Head / Body not completly in balance. Excellent angulations front and rear. Good bone. Well developed body. breed typical tail carrage. Good coat texture but shows some open coat at the shoulders. Breed typical temperament

Tollerfestival Bergen op Zoom, 02-06-2011, Open

Lovely rich coat, nice spring of rib, good movement, correct ear carridge

Groningen, 05-03-2011, Open
Needs more forehead for a more mascular expression, good tail, straight in front and a bit high heels, deep good collor, bit well in coat, needs more reach and more confidence

Zwolle, 21-11-2010, Open
Male 2 years, Good head, ears, eyes and teeth. Good top and underline. Good front chest. Well pelvis and tail. Good spring of rib. Good angulation front and rear. Good bone and feet. Good coat, Smooth movement.

Tollerfestival Moerstraten, 29-05-2010, Intermediate
Nicely ballanced, Good body proportions, Good lenght of uper arm, Well laid shoulder, Correct depth x spring of rib, Moderate turn of stifle, Good muscle tone, Correct tail set, Movement steady x true covering the ground well. Excellent

Leeuwarden, 04-04-2010, Inntermediate

Particularly attractive but what elegant male. Nice head with good ear, eye and teeth. Enough neck. Good rib and spine alignment. Moves very lightly through the ring. Good coat texture.

Groningen, 07-03-2010, Intermediate

Well constructed young male, well shaped head, typical expression, well set but slightly big ears, excellent top line and tail carriage, well anguled, very good body, bone and feet. Parallel movements and coveres a lot of ground. Well presented in a very good coat

TCD Nidda, 29-08-2009, Jeugd
Harmonisch aufgebaute maskuliner Jungrüde. Vorzüglicher kopf und aufbau. Vorzüglicher oberlinie, unterlinie, proportionen, winkelungen, pfoten, brust und rute. Vorzüglicher haar. Sehr flüssige parallelle bewegung gleichmàßig konvergierend.

Leeuwarden, 13-04-2009, Puppy
Harmonious built toller, well-shaped wedge-shaped head, one that needs to win some masculinity. good ear. Good expression. Nice ribs. Good chest. Excellent rear. Beautiful hair. Appropriate bone. Smooth movement. Nice presentation.

Groningen, 28-02-2009, Puppy
Male 7 months, all very good type, may still get a little leg length, nice head, good ear, eye and teeth. back still slightly rising. Good tail set and length. Already well developed body for age. Good angulation front and rear. Good coat, smooth movement, a little loose in the elbows.