Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever


Like many breeds have a shorter pet name this breed will simply called Toller, as we will do here.
This breed is originally from the peninsula of Nova Scotia on the east side of Canada where it is used to lure wild ducks. There are two varieties of breeds who are known for this purpose.
After the Toller lure the duck, they will be used for there second function, the wille retrieve the duck after it has been shot, mostly from the water. This is the familiar Retriever

When you put these features in a row you automatically named Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.
The diligence of the toller also makes it particularly suitable for the hunting retriever sports, field trials, agility, flyball or any dog whatsoever.
Many people who first see the variety speaks of a certain resemblance to the fox. Not so strange when one considers that the fox that particular technique, of luring wild
ducks, controlled,

The breeders of the first hour tried to breed a dog who had the looks of a fox. The Toller has, the only permissible color, a reddish brown coat with white markings at prescribed locations. The dog is medium size but a bit heavier than the fox. The last thing was also necessary because the Toller has to do a lot of retrieving work, in  frequently the icy water, in which the dog needed some "body".
How is such a special breed we have creating?
Almost certainly, has been the technique of
ducks observed from foxes, foxes are great at luring ducks.
People have been trying to breed dogs both for appearance and behavior as well as possibleeeee approach. Which dogs are used for this purpose is not to determine with certainty.
There are several theories. Who bred the first Tollers is also not entirely sure. This could be the MicMac Indians, or the French in the 17th century but although less likely, the Scots.