Kay-lo, McKai, Huey & Dasher

Upcoming activities:
  10 December '22 Huey and Dasher both tested clear (N/N) on Cardiac Laminopathy (CLAM).  
New photos are added to Dasher's album
    Pictures taken by Linda de Jong  
  25 September '22 Huey and Dasher both tested clear (N/N) on Cerebellar degeneration and myositis complex (CDMC).  
    Dasher obtained an SJP B certificate with enough point and can now participate in MAP tests as well

Huey obtained his first MAP A  in Oldenzaal.
  26 June 2022 Dasher obtained his B - diploma during the retieving test in Kropswolde. He also became Best Toller of the Day.  
  15 May 2022 International Dog Show Lingen, Germany: Dasher 1 Excellent, CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed!  
  12 February 2022 Dasher has had all health screenings and has tested free/normal for all breed type DNA tests.  
    Because we believe he has breed-typical qualities and is a great dog to work with, we are thinking of making him available as a stud for appropriate females.

Huey's eyes were checked as well during the annual ECVO test. He is tested clear for another year!

Several pages have been updated.
  1 November 2021 It has been a while since we posted an update. Herewith a short summary:  
He achieved 2 SJP A diplomas (cold game) in the past few months. He is doing well at the training and also goes hunting with us almost every week (Something he likes best).

Got his SJP B diploma in September. He has also gained experience on a number of shows, with good results. Besides hunting Dasher is also busy with Body Awareness training and he has successfully completed the course Social Obedience with only "Good". This winter we will also take him on a practical hunt, to gain experience here as well.

Kay-lo and McKai are also doing well. McKai is still doing Body Awareness Training and Kay-lo is still blood tracking every other week. In addition, swimming in a heated pool will soon be picked up again on a weekly basis for both boys. Of course they still go along for walks and every now and then they participate in a gundog training. 
  29 May 2021 Dasher got his retrieving C-diploma with 48/50 points in Appelscha today!  
  25 March 2021 Dasher's DNA test results from UC Davis came in: DM, JADD, CP1, CLPS all clear, CDDY N/N and Dilute D/D  
  25 January 2021 Dasher tested HD A and ED 0/0.  
  27 Sept. 2020 International Dog Show, Maastricht.  
    Dasher had his first official show ever today.

Magicfox’s Truly Madly Deeply “Dasher
1 Excellent in junior class, Best Junior, Best Male, CAC, BOS

9 months old

Judge report: “Very nice dog. Excellent standing and moving. Little high on legs. Very nice masculine head. Good topline tailset and carriage. Nice condition. Good coat. Efficiënt parallel in movement. Friendly, happy playful.”

Congrats to sisters Buma (1 excellent, 4th Best Bitch with CAC), Herrta (3 Excellent) and his brother Voima (1 Excellent)! Well done today at the show in Finland ! (litter: Huey x Minku)
  Dasher - 9 months old
Best Junior, Best Male, CAC, BOS
  24 April 2020 We would like to introduce you to our newest pack member:  
                                                             Magicfox's Truly Madly Deeply "Dasher

Dasher is a son of the Finnish girl Minku and our boy Huey.

Thank you Hanna and Jarno for entrusting this wonderful young boy to us. He and his siblings couldn't have wished for a better start.
  19 October '19 MAP Beetsterzwaag: Huey obtained his second MAP B certificate. Today he got 518 points out of 600 points.  
    For now, we will focus on the practical hare hunt and of course we will keep on training our dogs for next year's tests.

Below a video of today's last test exercise:
  Marking with a rabbit. On his way back from retrieving the rabbit, a duck gets shot. After he has delivered the rabbit he needs to retrieve the duck.  
  14 October '19 MAP Assen: Huey achieved his first MAP B diploma with 501 points out of 600 points. MAP is more or less similar to a   
    working test only all retrieves are with cold game instead of dummies and everything needs to be delivered in order to obtain a certificate (which means 12 retrieves).

Below you can see to videos of the last two test parts of today:
  Double marking with crows
  Marking with a pigeon and on his way to the pigeon
a rabbit got shot. Pigeon needed to be retrieved first.
  10 August 2019 SJP Hunting test in Delfzijl. What an amazing day!!  
    Huey worked great and achieved his first SJP A certificate with 84 points, a 3rd place and he became the Best dog of the KNJV 't Hogeland.

Below a video of Huey:
Pigeon on the left at a distance of 100 meters and the 2nd pigeon on the right at a distance of 130 meters.
  21 July 2019 RCL Club Show, Mertert, Luxembourg  
Huey was placed 1st in Champion class with Excellent, CACL. He became Best Male, Best Opposite Sex.

McKai was placed 1st in Veteran class with Excellent, CACL. He became Best Veteran in Show in the main ring!

McKai is now a Luxembourg Veteran Champion!

Orval (daughter from Huey x Scotia) was placed 1st in Junior class and became Luxembourg Junior Champion.

Please see below a video of McKai in the main ring - Best Veteran in Show!

  6 July 2019 First hunting test of the year with cold game and according to the new system.  
    Huey worked very well. He achieved his B certificate with 70/80 points.

Seef (offspring McKai x Donja) also participated and achieved his first SJP B certificate with 68/80 points and was placed 5th. At the end of the day he was also chosen "Best Toller of the Day" with an average of 8,5!!
  29 June 2019 SRA Show Stuhr-Heiligenrode (Bremen):  
    McKai: 1st place Excellent in Veteran class, Best of Breed. He is now a German Veteran Champion (VDH)

Huey: 2nd place Excellent in Champion class. He is now a German Champion DRC
  19 May 2019 Working test Kropswolde with Huey: he achieved his B1 certificate with 89/100 points. 1st place!  
Europasieger show Dortmund: McKai 1st place Excellent in Veteran class, Europa Veteranensieger 2019, Best Veteran
  17 May 2019 IDS Dortmund: McKai 1st place Excellent in Veteran class, Frühjahrs- Veteranensieger 2019, Best Veteran  
  7 April 2019 International Dog Show Zwolle:  
    McKai was placed 1st Excellent and became Beste Male, CAC, BOS and Best Veteran.

He is now a Dutch Veteran Champion!
  March 2019 I have added a video of Huey during a hunting training to his video album. You can also see the video below:  
  7 March 2019 Crufts 2019!  
McKai and Huey had a great time at Crufts and

McKai was shortlisted (best 7) in a strong veteran class and was placed 5th VHC (Very Highly Commended) in Special Working class

Huey was shortlisted (best 6) in a very strong open class.

Seef, McKai’s son, had his debut together with his owner Kirsten. They were great together! Even though they didn’t get placed, I am very proud of them.

Pictures below taken by Linda de Jong
McKai   Huey
Huey and McKai
  1 & 2 March '19 International Dog Show & Benelux Winner Show in Groningen:  
    Day 1: McKai 1st place Excellent in Veteran class, Reserve Best Male, RCAC

Day 2: McKai 1st place Excellent in Veteran class, Benelux Veteran Winner 2019

             Huey 2nd place Excellent in Champion class

On the picture below: McKai - 8 years old
  18 February '19 It took a while but we finally received the confirmation letter from the FCI, confirming Huey's International Show Champion  
    title (CIE).

McKai and Huey also received their entrance tickets for Crufts on March 7th. Really looking forward going to Crufts again!
  1 February '19 The puppies of Huey x Fenja and Huey x Maya are doing great. I have updated the following page: offspring  
  13 January '19 Huey was selected at the Dog of the Year show as one of the 6 best dogs in breed group 8 by judge Mr Hans Stigt.  
The judge spoke very highly of him which made me even more proud. Although, he didn't win, the judge said Huey was one of his favorites in this group.
picture taken by Henri Groenhof a video of his appearance on the catwalk
  25 Nov. 2018 We received great news from Italy and Denmark. Two months ago Huey mated to the lovely girls Maya from Italy and Fenja from  

This weekend both girls did an amazing job delivering the puppies.

Maya gave birth to seven healthy puppies on Thursday November 22nd. Five boys and two girls.

Fenja gave birth to four big and healthy puppies on Saturday November 24th. One boy and three girls.

Both mums and their puppies are doing great. We are very proud and would like to thank Mirko and Chiara from kennel Di Casa Tollers in Italy and Grete Munch from kennel Mariendals Red Nose in Denmark for using our boy Huey. We are looking forward seeing these puppies grow up.
  24 & 25 Sept. Huey had a date with his Italian girl Maya from kennel Di Casa Tollers. Now fingers crossed.  
  21 & 22 Sept. Huey mated to the lovely Fenja from kennel Mariendals Red Nose in Denmark.  
  2 Sept. 2018 NDS Bremen: Huey 1st place Excellent in Champion class with CAC. He now has fulfilled all  the requirements to become  
     a VDH German Champion  
  24 June 2018 IDS Zwolle: Huey 1st place Excellent, Best Male, CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed.  
  He is now also an International Show Champion (CIE).  
  23 June 2018 IDS Zwolle: Huey 1st place Excellent, Reserve Best Male, RCAC, CACIB  
  16 June 2018 DRC Show Bremen: Huey 2nd place Excellent. McKai 1st place Excellent, Best Working  Dog and is now also a German  
  DRC champion  
  14 June 2018 Huey is now officially a Danish Show Champion  
  12 June 2018 Huey became a father for the first time! Scotia gave birth to 8 puppies (4 boys and 4 girls). The puppies are born at  
     kennel  l'Abbaye des Terres de Flandre in France.   
  27 May 2018 Huey was placed 1st in Open class at today's Gundog show in Papendal. He also became Best  
    Male, CAC and Best of Breed!
  26 May 2018 Huey was placed 1st in Open class at today's Championship Club Show in Bergen op Zoom. He also became  
     Best Male, CAC, Best of Breed and Club Winner 2018!

He now also has enough points for his Dutch Championship title!
  28 Febr. '18 Huey's test results for Chondrodystrophy (CDDY) came back as N/N (Normal)  
  25&26 Nov '17 McKai participated in a Detection Masterclass by Wesley Visser of Scent Imprent for Dogs.  
    McKai worked very well and had some very nice searches both days.
Our teamwork and McKai's good work led to a new certificate: SIFD level 5!
We are very proud of our red friend!
  4 & 5 Nov.'17 International Dog Show Herning, Denmark.  
  Huey was entered on both days  in Open class and he did great.  
  Saturday and Sunday 1st place Excellent with CK, Best Male, Best of Breed, CAC and CACIB.
On Sunday he also won the title Danish Winner 2017!

Click here to see a video of him on Sunday (judge chose BOB/BOS)
  14 & 15 Oct '17 We had an amazing weekend in Dortmund at the International Dog show. Huey was entered  
    both days:

On Saturday:
1ste place Excellent, Beste Male, Best of Breed, Bundessieger 2017, CAC and CACIB.
In the main ring Huey was placed 3rd in Group 8!!!! (BIG3).

On Sunday:
1ste place Excellent, Reserve CACIB
  9 July 2017 Great day at the German Retriever Show in Bremen-Stuhr:  
McKai got a 1st place Excellent in Working class

Huey got a 1st place Excellent in Intermediate class, Best Male, Beste of Breed AND Best in Show!!

We are so very proud of this amazing result!!

  20 May 2017 Great results at the International dogshow at Dortmund:  
    Huey 1st place Excellent in Intermediate class, CAC and reserve CACIB

McKai 1st place Excellent in Working Class, CAC, CACIB, Best Male, Best of Breed and he got the title VDH- Frühjahrssieger 2017!!
  11 March 2017 First time at Crufts, Birmingham (UK):  
    What a great day for us and our two boys

Huey 4th place in junior class

McKai 1st place in special working class!!!

We are soooo very proud of our two boys!! We had an amazing time with friends!!
  9 August 2015 Wat a great day we had, yesterday!! We are totally over the moon!  
We had a KNJV Hunting test in Delfzijl. Both Kay-lo and McKai were entered.

Kay-lo got his first KNJV A certificate!!! We are soooo proud! Lieuwe and Kay-lo worked so hard for this.

There are not a lot of tollers with a KNJV Hunting A certificate, so that makes this result even more special!

Kay-lo got 83/100 points and a 3rd place.
18 dogs tried to get the same certificate, only three passed.

McKai got a KNJV B diploma

We are soooooo proud !!!

Picture on the left: Kay-lo with his certificate