Kay-lo, McKai, Huey & Dasher

Suncatcher's Wonder-Worker

Kay-lo was born on 16 July 2008 at Kennel Suncatcher's in Froombosch.

He has Kay-lo lives with us since 9 September 2008. He felt at ease immediately and quickly started to explore the environment.

He is a very friendly and gentle male with a lot of will to please. He loves to work. He is very inquisitive and he is always ready to work, a real work-a-holic.

He ut work does come first. When he is working he is so focused that he gives no attention to anything around hem.

He was 9 weeks old when we started the puppy course. After he finished the puppy coarse with only excellent results, we started the coarse Social Obedience. He also passed this course with only excellent results.

Kay-lo is a toller that learns easily all different kinds of sports. To see where his passion would be, we did the different sports, like: retrieving with dummies, Flyball, Treibball, Hunting, Tracking and Frisbee. We saw immediately which sport has his preference. It was retrieving dummies or cold game. So we continued these sports.

Since the Winter of 2012 Kay-lo has been invited to several practical hunts.
A practicale hunt is his ultimate passion. There is nothing in the world he like more. He works great in de field with hares, ducks, crows, pheasants and pigions.

He also achieves good show results. But if he could choose between a show or a hunting exercise, he would definitiley choose the hunting exercise. His passion is to work and that's why we don't participate on a show very often with him.

In 2012 we first started taking part at a unofficial Tolling workshop and Tolling test. Kay-lo did great during the workshop and the test. There are only official Tolling tests in Denmark and in Sweden. That's why we also enter a few tests there each year.

Below you can see all the certificates and the titels he has earned so far:

Obecience certificates:

Basic obedience
Social obedience (FHN)  

Hunting certificates:

Retrieving class A
Retieving class B
Retrieving class C


Workingtest –B1

Tollingjagdprøve Beginner 1 Prize Excellent
Tollingjagdprøve Open 1 Prize Good  

Titels werk:

Best KNJV B huntingdog of East-Groningen 2011
Tolling Trial Club Winner Novice 2012 (BTC)
Best Beginner dog Tollerjagtprove Sweden 2013  

Titels Show:

Clubjugendsieger 2009

Because of his great character, good work and good health results we decided to use him for breeding as a Stud dog. Kay-lo was approved by the Dutch Toller Club and the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever association as a stud dog.

Unfortunately the eye specialist diagnosed Kay-lo during the annual eye test with Cataract in August 2014. Because of this result, Kay-lo isn't available anymore as a stud dog.

Kay-lo has sired two litters in 2012. One litter in the Netherlands and one litter in Switzerland. 

Forever in our hearts!
On March 22nd, 2022, at the age of 13 years and 8 months we had to let go of our golden boy with great pain and sadness. A week before we had to let him go he could hardly get up. His body seemed to have given up. We tried for a week to get him back on his feet with extra painkillers, but to no avail. He has always been so fit, never an old dog in his behavior. On March 6th, he was still bravely and actively working out a nice blood track during a training session. Not knowing that this would be his last.

Kay-lo has been more than a dog to us, he has given and brought us so much. Experience, wonderful friendships, new insights into hobbies, but above all he was our greatest friend. Faithful, friendly and has never done anything wrong to anyone.

My dear red friend, you have no idea how much we miss you! We love you to the moon and back! 

Below pictures of his parents: