Kay-lo, McKai, Huey & Dasher

Multi Ch. Suncatcher's Hop into my Heart "McKai"

McKai was born on the 27th of February 2011 at kennel Suncatcher in Froombosch. He has 4 brothers and
3 sisters.

We picked McKai up on the 22th of April. His weight was 3.6 kg.

McKai is confident and he is a very enthusiastic dog. He is persistent in all the things he does and he does not give up very easily.

He has an open character and is a very relaxed male. He loves being around people and other animals. He is always happy! He likes to learn and is very easy to work with, although he can use his own mind also during work.

Kay-lo and McKai are very good friends and they play a lot together. They have never been in a fight with each other. McKai learns a lot from Kay-lo.

On 23 July 2011 McKai got his certificate Basic Obedience. He had a very nice review with only Excellent! We added a video of this examination at videos. On 19 February 2012 he got his certificate for Social Obedience. This is a course for social behavior around other dogs, people and strange objects and sounds. He passed with only Good! We also have a video of this examination in his video album.

We started the course retrieving in november 2011, and our hunting course at the KNJV since April 2012. We enjoy seeing him at work! He loves to retrieve dummies or cold game. He is a good swimmer and he has a lot of "will to please".

In 2012 he participated at a Tolling weekend in Belgium. He worked great and he got an Excellent in his class. He also became Tolling Trial Club Winner Initiate 2012 (BTC). In 2013 he got a 1 Prize during an official Tolling Test in Denmark.

Since winter 2014 he also participate at a practical hunt. He has experience with hares, ducks, crows and pigions. He loves the work in the field.

We started a course Agility at the end of 2013. McKai likes Agility also very much. In 2014 he promoted to class A.

He has been to several shows and he likes being at a show. Until now he achieves Excellent results and he already has some very nice championship titles.

In May 2014 he became an International Beauty Champion (C.I.B.). This is for breeds subject to a working trial. He is the second Toller in the Netherlands with this title so we are very proud of this result!!

Below you can see all the certificates and titles he has earned so far:

Obedience certificates:

Basis Obedience
Social Obedience (FHN)  

Hunting certificates:

Retrieving class A
Retrieving class B


Clubdiploma C
Clubdiploma B

Workingtest – C
Workingtest - B1

Tollingjagdprøve Beginner 1 Prize Excellent

SIFD level 1 Certificate (detection/nosework)
SIFD level 2 Certificate (detection/nosework)
SIFD level 3 Certificate (detection/nosework)
SIFD level 4 Certificate (detection/nosework)
SIFD level 5 Certificate (detection/nosework)  

Titels work:

Tolling Trial Club Winner Initiate 2012 (BTC)
3rd price class B FHN retrieving competition '15  

Titels Show:

Champion International d'Exposition (CIE)
Champion International de Beauté (CIB)
Grand Champion (NL)

Dutch Champion
German Champion (VDH)
German Champion (DRC)
Swedish Show Champion
Danish Show Champion

Dutch Youth Champion
German Youth Champion (VDH)
European Junior Winner 2012

Bundessieger 2012
VDH-Früjahrssieger 2017

Benelux Veteran Winner 2019
Dutch Veteran Champion
Spring Veteran Winner 2019
European Veteran Winner 2019
German Veteran Champion (VDH)
German Veteran Champion (DRC)
Luxembourg Veteran Champion

BIS Tollerfestival 2014
Best Veteran in Show - RCL Club show 2019

Because of his character, good work and good health results we decided to make him available for breeding. McKai was approved by the Dutch Toller Club as a stud dog.

McKai has sired five litters (33 puppies) in three different countries. Please click on offspring for more information about his progency.

Forever in our hearts!
On 12 March 2024, a T-cell lymphoma (Mycosis Fungoides) was diagnosed, which had spread throughout his skin. When the specialist mentioned that we should expect a few weeks, we couldn't have imagined that this moment would come so soon. Up until a week before his passing, he was still so cheerful and well. He even enjoyed some beautiful walks and enthusiastically took over Dasher's Rally-O lessons. However, a few days before his passing, things took a sudden turn. He stopped eating on Monday evening, and by Tuesday, he no longer wanted to go for walks. Tuesday night, his breathing began to change slowly, leading us to the painful decision on Wednesday 27 March 2024 to let him go at the age of 13 years and one month. He is now reunited with his friend, Kay-lo.

You live on through your offspring and all the great memories we have of you. Grateful that you were part of our lives.

McKai, 'vriendje', we miss you so much. We love you to the moon and back and will never forget you!

His parents
Rhineferry's Little River Duck NiC "River" Ch. Suncatcher's Naughty by Nature "Pebbles"