Kay-lo, McKai, Huey & Dasher

Health results

  Pedigree name Suncatcher's Wonder-Worker
  Call name Kay-lo
  Date of Birth 16 July 2008
  Gender Male
  Sire Suncatcher's Premium Pride "Tender"
  Dam Hedera's for Alliance "Gomez"
  Pedigree number NHSB 2713198
  Height 47 cm
  Weight 21 kg
  HD A, norbergwaarde 38
  ED 0/0
  CEA/CH Normal /Clear
  PRA-prcd Normal/Clear (by parentage)
  E.C.V.O (eyes) 28 August 2014; Cataract and 1 hair Distichiasis
  Juvenile Addison's Disease (JADD) N/N Probable Normal
  Cleft Palate (CP1) N/N (Normal / Clear)
  MDR1 Gen Negative (Normal/Clear)
  Degenerative Encephalopathy (DEN) Normal/Clear (by parentage)
  Degeneratieve Myelopathie (DM) N/N(Normal)
  Dilute Gen (buff) D/d (Carrier)
  DNA Profile (ISAG 2006) Available