Huey & Dasher


Dasher is available as a stud. 

Dasher is 4 years old and has completed all health examinations. He is a friendly and very workable dog. In our opinion he has qualities which are certainly good to pass on to the next generation. For that reason he is made available for breeding to suitable females.

Dasher has sired 1 litter in the Netherlands. Under the heading "Offspring"you will find all the information we have received up until now about health, show and work results of his offspring.

Dasher also meets all the requirements established by the Dutch NSDTR Club to be used as a stud dog.

If you would like to receive more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We would like to point out that due to having only male dogs, we do not have, expect, or sell any puppies.

We advise you to check the website of the Toller Club in the country where you're looking for a puppy for upcoming combinations. These combinations generally comply with the club's breeding regulations. In the Netherlands, all mating evaluations can be viewed here.

Please note there may be a long waiting list! 


  Planned matings

Below are the planned combinations that have already been announced by the breeder. There might be additional combinations planned but not listed here, as the breeder has not yet published them.
Kennel: Blazing Fowlers                   Breeder: Marie Kinder              Country: Sweden
 Sire    : Ch. Magicfox's Truly Madly Deeply "Dasher"
 Dam   : Ch. Blazing Fowlerīs My Oh My "Daffi"
  Click here to see the pedigree of the future puppies
Mating scheduled for Fall 2024

Kennel: Mariendals Red Nose                      Breeder: Grete Munch                        Country: Denmark
   Sire    : Ch. Magicfox's Truly Madly Deeply "Dasher"
   Dam   : Mariendals Red Nose Cupaney "Cuba"
  Click here to see the pedigree of the future puppies
Mating scheduled for Fall 2024                                   
Kennel: ................                                         Breeder: ..........................                       Country: Germany
 Sire    : Ch. Magicfox's Truly Madly Deeply "Dasher"
 Dam   :
Mating scheduled for Fall / Winter 2024

  Dasher as a puppy