Huey & Dasher



  Water rescue workshop:
A person falls from the boat, pretending to be 'drowning'. Dasher must jump into the water from the boat to rescue the person, and then bring them to safety
Water rescue workshop:
There is a person pretending to drown in the water, whom Dasher must rescue. He swims from the shore to the drowning person, whom he does not know, and then brings them to safety.
  Water rescue workshop:
First time, water rescue workshop Dasher jumps off a boat and swims to shore while a lifebuoy drifts behind him
Over water retrieve (dummy)
  Trail - duck (approx. 350 meters), 2 years old Blood tracking (second time)
  22 months old - Marking on land where he also has to go through two ditches (Dummy) IDS Gelsenkirchen 2021, Intermediate class, 1 Excellent
  Dasher 17 months old - over water retrieve (dummy) 13 months old
Retrieving training session
(straight line, land retrieve and search)
  13 months old 
Body Awareness
IDS Maastricht 2020, Judging Best Junior
Dasher 9 months old
  First time 'retrieving' a rabbit Puppies 7, 5 weeks old