Kay-lo, McKai, Huey & Dasher

Work results

  Work results will be posted below.
Date Location Class Result
June 2020 Sappemeer Puppy Due to the coronacrisis, we only attended 3 lessons
September 2020 Sappemeer Young dogs completed
November 2020 Meedhuizen Social Obedience (SHH) Cancelled because of COVID-19
December 2020 Sappemeer Obedience Stopped because of COVID-19

Club Diploma days (retrieving test with dummies):
Date Location Class Result
29 May 2021 Appelscha C passed, 48/50 points
26 June 2022 Kropswolde B passed 67/80 points
Best Toller

* Best Toller - Retrieving test Kropswolde 2022


SJP (cold game)

Date Location Class Result
14-08-2021 Delfzijl B 63/80, B achieved
18-09-2021 Leek B 45/50, C achieved

Other courses:

Body Awareness

Date Location Class Result
27 August 2020 Sebaldeburen course 1 passed
26 November 2020 Sebaldeburen course 2 passed
5 August 2021 Sebaldeburen course 3 passed