Kay-lo, McKai, Huey & Dasher

Magicfox`s Truly Madly Deeply "Dasher"


Dasher was born on Monday 23 December 2019 in Jumesniemie, Hämeenkyrö (30 kilometers from Tampere), Finland at Kennel Magic Fox. He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

Dasher is a son of our boy Huey.

He is a very active, playful and adventurous young dog. He is very happy and open minded and respects other animals. This makes him also a very easy going dog to take with you to different places.

He loves people a lot. It's difficult for him not to say 'Hi' to everyone.

Working with his nose and investigating all sorts of things is one of his favourite things to do. He loves being challenged and is very persistent in getting the job done.

During his first year of life, we paid attention to basic obedience and began to explore where Dasher's passion lies.
The first two years were not always easy because of COVID-19. Much of the year the country was in lock down or the measures were so limited, we were not able to expose him as much to events, large groups of people and dogs. Nonetheless, he did pick up everything very well and seems to enjoy everything we do.

He has completed three Body Awareness courses and we have continued the training on a weekly basis. Here he learns to move consciously over different articles/surfaces. He really enjoys this and is very curious. We will continue to do this for the time being as it is good for the development of his body and he clearly enjoys it.
Because of lockdowns, we could not train in a (puppy) hunting group in his first year and therefore started working with dummies and cold game ourselves. In the second year it was possible to start training in a hunting group from the summer on. For him a new experience where he also learned a lot. At the end of the '21 season he participated in two competitions and despite everything was new, he did great and got an SJP B certificate.

Besides the hunting training he has been along on a number of occasions for practical hunting. He has already collected some nice retrieves but there is still plenty to learn. You can clearly see that retrieving is his thing and he enjoys it.

He is also absolutely crazy about water. You can't walk past a puddle or ditch without him being in it. Something that is often fine but at times can also be very annoying and irritating, especially when you're on time or when he has to stay 'clean and dry'.
But I guess that's also part of life with a Toller too!

He participated in his first show in September 2020. He didn't know where to look, so many people and dogs were there (up until that point the whole country was in lockdown). He had not been introduced to so many crowds before and was very curious to investigate everything and everyone. He clearly had fun and got a nice result (BOS).
In 2021 we were able to get more show experience and will continue to do so in the future. At this point in time, he still  needs a little more time to develop and mature. Many judges liked him, but indicated that they thought he was too youthful for his age and class. Something we as owners don't mind at all. 

  Below is an overview of his certificates obtained:


Puppy course
Young Dog Obedience course
Social Dog training course

Hunting Training:

Club Diploma C (dummies)
Club Diploma B (dummies)

SJP C diploma (cold game)
SJP B diploma (cold game)

We are hoping that this year we can attend some more events/competitions to give him more experience. Something we are looking forward to.

Because of his character, good working ability and health results we have decided to make him available as a stud, for suitable females. All necessary tests have been done and the results can be found under health results.

If you want to use Dasher as stud or want more information, please contact us.

Below pictures of his parents:

Ch. Alba Nuadh Gwenny's Working Secret "Huey"             Ch. Magicfox`s Nebbiolo "Minku"