Huey & Dasher

Health results

  Pedigree name Alba Nuadh Gwenny's Working Secret
  Call name Huey
  Date of Birth 22 October 2015
  Gender Male
  Sire Ch. Redmound's Keep A Great Secret "Jasper"
  Dam Ch. Alba Nuadh Soave di Stevie "Gwenny"
  Pedigree number NHSB 3022389
  Height 52 cm
  Weight 24 kg
  HD A, norbergwaarde 40
  ED 0/0
  CEA/CH Normal (by parentage)
  PRA-prcd Normal/Clear
  E.C.V.O (eyes) Clear
  Juvenile Addison's Disease (JADD) N/N Probable Normal
  Cleft Palate (CP1) N/N (Normal / Clear)
  Cleft Lip / Palate and Syndactyly (CLPS) N/N (Normal / Clear)
  Degenerative Encephalopathy (DEN) Normal/Clear (by parentage)
  Degeneratieve Myelopathie (DM) N/N(Normal)
  Chondrodystrophy (CDDY) N/N (Normal)
  Cerebellar degeneration and myositis complex (CDMC) N/N (Normal)
  Cardiac Laminopathy(CLAM) N/N (Normal)
  Dilute Gen (buff) D/D (Normal/Clear)
  DNA Profile (ISAG 2006) Available