Kay-lo, McKai, Huey & Dasher


Huey is 6 years old and he has sired 8 litters. Most of his offspring has reached the age of 2 years old (except for his last two litters),  up until now, his puppies are doing great. However, unfortunately, one puppy from his first litter was diagnosed with renal dysplasia (congenital) at the age of 2 years which led to chronic kidney failure that she couldn't recover from. Her owner sadly had to say goodbye to her in June 2021.

The most important thing for us is to breed healthy puppies with a nice temperament and will-to-please (all according to the breed standard). That has also been the reason why Huey has not been available as a stud for a long time. Since all other puppies (49) are doing fine, we've decided to make him available again in a very limited way for matings.

For more information about his offspring, please click on "offspring" in the menu on the left. Here you can read the health/show/work details we know, up until November 2021.

Some of Huey's offspring are also used in breeding. It's certainly worthwhile to have a look at them too. 
  Huey - 7 weeks old