Huey & Dasher



  Nimrod 2023 - Test A

Dutch Championship for the 21 Best Gundogs in 2023
  MAP (cold game) - Beetsterzwaag - October 20th, 2019
Marking with a rabbit. On his way back from retrieving the rabbit, a duck gets shot. After he has delivered the rabbit he needs to retrieve the duck.
MAP (cold game) - Assen - October 14th, 2019
Marking with a pigeon on the right. On his way to the Pigeon, a rabbit got shot on the left. Huey had to retrieve the pigeon first and after he had delivered the pigeon, he had to retrieve the rabbit (his favourite retrieve)
  MAP (cold game) - Assen - October 14th, 2019
Double marking with crows
10 August 2019
Blind lines - 1st pigeon 130 meters and 2nd pigeon 100 meters
  Huey - 23 February 2019

Straight line forward, in which he also needed to jump over a fence. After that, he had to pick up a track from a duck. On his way back from the track, a pigeon will be shot which needed to marked. After he had delivered the duck, he had to retrieve the pigeon.
Dog of the Year show 2018

Huey was selected as one of the 6 best dogs in breed group 8
  Marking during a hunting test in 2018 Over water retrieve during a hunting test in 2018
  Training - Track Detection Work
Huey is searching for the odor which has been hidden high
  2 years old, the beginning of how we teach our dogs to go left or right only using our arms. You can see he already know what to do. 13 months old, first time working with a hare. Huey had to work hard but showed us, he was a real go-getter to bring in the hare.
  Training line forward with a duck, 10 months Blind search (duck), 10 months old
  10 months old, training to swim over deep water and to retrieve a duck from the other side 6 months old, puppy course
  Cold Game Training 4 months old First time working with cold game, 10,5 weeks old
  7,5 weeks old 6,5 weeks old
  5,5 weeks old 3 & 4 weeks old