Kay-lo, McKai & Huey

Work results

Date Location Class Result
March 2016 Noordbroek Puppy achieved
June 2016 Noordbroek Jonge honden achieved
Diploma Sociale Huishond FHN achieved


SJP (cold game)

Date Location Class Result
08-07-2017 Flevopolder B 40/50, C achieved
05-08-2017 Veendam B 61/80, B achieved
12-08-2017 Delfzijl B 65/80, B achieved
16-07-2018 Putten B 67/80, B achieved
11-08-2018 Delfzijl B 70/80, B achieved
06-07-2019 Kropswolde A 70/80, B achieved
10-08-2019 Delfzijl A 84/100, A achieved. 3rd place*
09-09-2019 Gieten A  
* Best Dog KNJV 't Hogeland (2019)


MAP (Working test with cold game)

Date Location Class Result
28-09-2018 Ommen B B not achieved
06-10-2018 Leek B B not achieved - missed only one game
out of 12
28-09-2019 Delfzijl B
14-10-2019 Gieten B
19-10-2019 Beetsterzwaag B  
Retrieving FHN

Diplomadag (dummies)
Date Location Class Result
07-05-2017 Meerlo A did not achieve a diploma
01-07-2017 Rijen A 45/50 points, A diploma achieved
Retrieving FHN

Working test(dummies)

Date Location Class Result
05-06-2017 Bergschenhoek A0 88/100 points, 1st place
Club Diplomadag (dummies):

Date Location Class Result
30-03-2018 Putten B 41/50, C diploma achieved
Working test (dummies):

Date Location Class Result
06-05-2019 Kropswolde B1 89/100 points, B1 certificate achieved
1st place

Scent Imprent for Dogs Detection (Nosework):

Date Location Class Result
05-10-2016 Sappemeer Examen Level 1 Level 1 achieved
14-12-2016 Sappemeer Examen Level 2 Level 2 achieved
19-02-2017 Appelscha Examen Level 3 Level 3 achieved
25-06-2017 Groningen Examen Level 4 Level not achieved